Shipping and Checkout Tips

Welcome to our tips and tricks page. We hope to help you out with any questions or issues you may have while completing your order with us at North Shore Linens.



Click on “Checkout” on the left side menu of your screen. If you are using a mobile device or a tablet, the website may show this menu at the very bottom, so you have to scroll down to access the checkout and cart options from there.


Mobile devices and tablets may show the menu’s at the top and bottom. You may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to access your cart or checkout options.

Here you will be able to fill out the shipping and billing address – please fill out both shipping and billing addresses if different or we won’t be able to ship your order. The website calculates your cart total and your location to determine if you pay for shipping. Once this information is inputted, our website will let you know what your shipping options and prices are.


Checkout as a ‘Guest’

If you haven’t signed in or created an account on our website and want to check out as a guest, please be aware that you may not see the calculated shipping cost until the very end. If you checkout as a Guest, we can always pull up your purchase history for you, however you will not be able to. Should you wish to repeat an order or have a query about a past order, an account with North Shore Linens holds all of this information for you to view. Accounts are highly recommended for rentals, Airbnb’s, hotels, restaurants, long term care homes, etc. – those that purchase bulk and want a quick transaction using past purchases.


Troubleshooting Curbside Pickup

If you live outside of Vancouver, North Vancouver, or West Vancouver, you may have difficulty selecting Curbside Pickup as a checkout option (it may not show up as an option at all because your address is outside the radius of our warehouse). Just reach out to us at if you plan on swinging by on your way through town and we can ensure your order is a pick up and not shipped.


What is the difference between ‘Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ on the left side menu?

The ‘Cart’ option on the left side menu, allows you to view the products you have already added to your cart. You can edit the quantities and remove products here. *You can not edit or remove products from ‘Checkout’. You have to go back to ‘Cart’ to make changes.

You can also change your address and get a shipping quote in your cart before your proceed to the checkout.

You can checkout in ‘Cart’ once you are happy with your order. The following steps apply for checking out through ‘Cart’ as well as ‘Checkout’.


Under your subtotal in the ‘Checkout’, scroll down to “Your Order” section for shipping options. For those checking out via ‘Cart’ the section will be called ‘Cart Totals‘.

The prices for shipping will vary depending on your address in Canada/US. It will look something like this:

Shipping to (the address you have inputted for delivery. ex the above quote is for 351 Lynn Ave.).

What does “if less, difference refunded” mean?

When we create a shipping label to put on your order, we use a software that has couriers bid for our shipment. We select the courier based on a few factors, such as price and location.

For example; if you live in Vancouver, we tend to use Purolator, UPS, and Canada Post more than other couriers because their depots are local to you and do not require you to go long distance to pick up, should you not be home at time of delivery. If you live in Ontario, we tend to use Canpar more often as their shipping times are shorter.

If, when we select the courier for your order, the price to ship is less than what you paid, we will refund you any of the freight savings we get.

For example: You paid $30 to ship your order to Quebec. The couriers only charged us $23.54. We will refund you $6.46 in freight savings. The refund will go back on the card you paid your order with. Please allow up to 48 hours for it to show in your account.

If you live close to our warehouse with a postal code starting with V5, V6, V7, we offer free delivery on orders over $100. We will drive your order to your door…

Please please please!!!

If you are not home to receive your Local Delivery in North Vancouver or West Vancouver, please let us know if we can leave it somewhere.

This will save us time from having to come back. You can leave any tips or delivery instructions in the notes section in the checkout. See image below:


On the right side of the checkout page there is an option to add “Order Notes“. (Highlighted in above image). This is great if you want to add delivery instructions, like a buzzer number, or leave it at the door rather than at the post office.

If you live slightly outside the radius of our warehouse or your order is under $100, you will have to select ‘Local Delivery‘ and we may charge you a standard shipping fee of $15-$20.

Shipping Zones

The shipping zones across Canada can vary in price from $15 to $35. It may cost $45-$60 to ship to some states in the US.

We work on low margins so we can price our products competitively. Most online stores will say ‘free shipping’ but have increased the product price to account for the shipping cost that they have to pay.

When we pack your order up and process the shipping, if the cost to ship is less than what we charged you, we will refund you and the freight savings we get!

If you live local to us, but your order is under $100, you will have to pay for shipping.


If you scroll down to the bottom of the checkout there are payment options for you to chose: Paypal, Credit and/or Debit Cards

You do not require a Paypal account to shop with us.

Simple select the option that says you have read and agree to our website terms and conditions:

You can view the website terms and conditions at any point before checkout on left side menu under Shipping/Returns:

Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you can now proceed to payment.  If you select the Debit or Credit Card option. A section will pop up underneath for you to fill out your card details.

At any point while shopping on our website, if you need assistance, (and this page is not helping) please email us at or call us at 604-980-2970. We will continue to update this page and appreciate feedback on your experience so we can improve and make your online shopping with us fun and smooth.