Nellie’s All-Natural Oxygen Brightener


Nellie’s Oxygen Brightener – Tin

Amazing Product  !!                                                                                           Brighten colours and penetrate stains with help from Nellie’s Oxygen Brightener. Discover the power of oxygen, utilizing this product to strip away dirt, grit and grime. The chlorine-free formula is colour-safe, septic-safe and even environmentally-friendly (it’s biodegradable, like the rest of Nellie’s products). Every tin provides up to 100 scoops. Nellie’s Oxygen Brightener boasts hypoallergenic ingredients, including: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Precarbonate, Primary Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate and Sodium Sulfate. Nellie’s Oxygen Brightener is Non-toxic, phosphate free, and contains NO SLS, SLES, Gluten or GMO’s. *Not for use on wool, silk or leather.


Bring in your empty 60 load tin and we will refill it for $18.00.  100 load tin $22.00



Bring in your empty 6o load tin and we will refill it for $18.00. 100 load tin $22.00

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Note from a customer

”I recently had a tooth extraction and bone graft in preparation for an implant. Needless to say the bedding was a bloody mess the next day. I’m not a huge fan of doing laundry so this sat for a few days. Unfortunately I had just purchased a silk pillow case which as you know is not an inexpensive item. I assumed it was ruined but thought I would try Matt’s suggestion and soak it overnight in 3 scoops of oxybrightener mixed with hot water and then throw it in the washing machine. Well omgoodness was I impressed…pristine and like new!”

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Nellie's Oxygen Brightener

100 load Tin, Half Pale500 Loads, Full Pale 1100 Loads, Re-fill 60 load, Re-fill 100 loads