Merit Jacquard White Hotel Towels. 100% Cotton Line


By far one of the best, super soft, designed towels I have come across. These are an industrial grade, which is 2 levels higher than a conventional towel.  Made for higher end hotels in white only. An industrial towel is made to wash and wash in commercial machines and dry in super hot driers without being damaged.  When you have stayed at a hotel you probably noted just how luxurious the towels feel and how well they dry you.  A must try. You will be shocked by these towels. If you are looking for a white, inexpensive, high quality towel these are the ones.


100 % Cotton

Bath                  27″ x 54″

Hand               16″ x 30″

Face                13″ x 13″

Bath Sheet  30″ x 64″

Tub Mat        20″ x 34″

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Face Cloth, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheet, Tub Mat