Poly/Cotton Apron


A simple poly/cotton blend apron. Great if you wash your apron regularly and want a wrinkle-free look. We won’t judge a frequent apron washer. What happens at North Shore Linens, stays at … who am I kidding, you’re messy and you wash your apron.

Red and Green aprons come with 2 pockets on the front.

The white apron has no pockets. Great for cooking schools.

If you received your letter to Hogwarts School of Chefing, you may require a white owl… I mean a white apron. These are a great starter apron for your future career!

Adjustable string tie on the back for easier fit. Do not recommend tying a knot or you will be living in your apron forever.


50% Polyester / 50 % Cotton

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Red, White, Green, Surprise Me