Body Pillow


No Need To Be Alone Ever Again!!

Snuggle up with a body pillow. Far cheaper than a husband. Doesn’t snore, won’t steal the blankets, not hot to sleep with and never seen coming and going  to and from the house.  Buy 2 and make your friends jealous. Full-length body pillow in pure wool or polyester fill. Will give you all the comfort you need for a restful sleep. This is not a L shaped pillow but will mold as shown in the picture!!

Price for the polyester pillow only includes a pillow case.


Body Pillow with polyester, cluster fibre fill. with a poly/cotton cover. 21″ x 63″ Comes with a pillow case.

Body Pillow with 100% British Virgin Wool fill,  with a 100% cotton cover. 14″ x 45″ No pillow case included!!


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Wool 14" x 45", Polyester 21'' x 63''