AspenClean Natural All Purpose Cleaner


Natural All Purpose Cleaner is infused with organic grapefruit and lavender essential oils. It is safe and effective on all washable surfaces and is most effective when combined with our All Purpose Microfiber Cloth.

Size: 650 ml / 22 US fl oz

Made in Canada


Natural All-Purpose Cleaner with Organic Grapefruit and Lavender Essential Oils

AspenClean Natural All-Purpose Cleaner can be used for a variety of household cleaning applications. The Eco All-Purpose Cleaner easily and effectively cleans up stains and dirt from all types of washable surfaces. The formula of this green all-purpose cleaner is infused with grapefruit and lavender essential oils that harbor great cleaning capabilities and leave a soothing and fresh smell after each use.

Compared to conventional cleaners, AspenClean Natural All-Purpose Cleaner doesn’t leave toxic chemicals behind or contain any elements that may potentially cause skin irritation, respiratory discomfort, allergic reactions, and other conditions. Free from carcinogens and other agents that, when exposed to, may cause chronic diseases as well as developmental and maternity disorders. This lavender and grapefruit green all-purpose cleaner is 100 percent vegan, has not been tested on pets, and doesn’t use any animal ingredients.

  • 100% natural
  • Infused with organic essential oils
  • EcoCert┬« certified
  • Biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients
  • Septic tank safe
  • 100% vegan & no animal testing
  • Pet & Kid Safe
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Made in Canada
  • Designed to be matched with our high tech Microfiber Cloths
  • Used by Professionals