Warmspread Blanket NEW


Do you remember that blanket your parents tucked you into bed with soo tightly you couldn’t move? This isn’t it, but I just had the thought. We will not have the tucked or untucked debate on here today. No, here we have a stylish and easy care blanket for your every need – tucked or untucked. #ListenWithMother

Each blanket is constructed of vat-dyed (old school) polyester woven yarns.  Whether you want it as a layer between sheets for rentals, hotels, or use it on its own in the summer. This blanket is also ideal for Healthcare and/or institutional beds.

Colours available: Blue, Green, Raspberry (it’s not Red, it’s Raspberry, and it’s not Blueberry, it’s Blue).



66″ x 96″


Blue, Green, Raspberry

Additional Info:

100% Polyester

Made in Cambodia

Additional information


Blue, Green, Raspberry