Ultra Fresh Pillow by Alamode “That Last”



These fluffy but not stuffy antibacterial down-like pillow will definitely spike up your snuggle quotient! Take comfort in this no-muss and no-fuss pillow that is fit for royalty!

What a load of rubbish they write over a pillow. Fact is these are the best synthetic pillows I have come across in all my years at this. The average synthetic pillow will last 1 to two years before they flatten and lump ( the nature of the beast ) We have found these to last and hold their shape for up to 4 years. Truly a great, inexpensive, non allergenic, comfortable pillow!!

Will Out Last Most Synthetic Pillows!!

  • 330 Thread count

Ultra-Fresh Silpure technology is a safe antimicrobial treatment developed by Thomson Research Associates Inc. Toronto, Canada that provides long lasting protection against odour-causing bacteria. It keeps your textiles fresh, clean and odour free for years to come.


Std/Queen 21″ x 28″
King 21″ x 37″

  • Machine wash, delicate
  • Cold water
  • Gentle detergent
  • Do NOT bleach
  • Machine dry on gentle cycle
  • Remove promptly to avoid excess wrinkles
  • Iron on low heat if needed
Latex, wool, down, husbands and synthetic pillows and duvets all have their own, slight, unique odor. This is not grounds for a return.

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Standard/Queen, King