Wool Pillow By Snugsleep Deluxe Organic. “Made In North Vancouver”


MADE IN CANADA (North Vancouver)

“Got A Hot Head In The Family? ” Don’t we all!!!


SnugSleep’s choice of the finest loose wool knop fill provides the ultimate in support, comfort and correct neck alignment. Conforming easily to accommodate side, back and stomach sleepers, SnugSleep’s wool knops ensure correct head support and spinal alignment regardless of the sleeping position. With wool’s unique moisture control properties, dampness in the neck area is eliminated, greatly reducing problems with neck stiffness and joint pain.

The zippered cotton cover provides not only ease of laundering but also allows, by removal or addition of wool fill, further adjustment for individual sleeping preferences and mattress firmness.

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The Snugsleep organic wool pillow  is designed for the perfect nights sleep. Encased in an organic cotton cover, filled with one of the worlds best British wool. (Good sense of humor) Keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These covers turn any pillow into a luxury feel. But keep in touch!! I am trying so hard to find Canadian wool !!

Latex, wool, down, husbands and synthetic pillows and duvets all have their own, slight, unique odor. This is not grounds for a return.

I’m feeling sleepy already. Hand wash !!

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