Chefs Edition Long Oven Mitt by Gourmet Pro


Just the other day, as I was lighting the BBQ and burnt one eyebrow clean off, I was thinking about how having a longer oven mitt would be ideal. I could reach across the grill to turn the cheddar sausages in a timely fashion without singeing my arm hairs. I never knew what a cheddar sausage tasted like unburnt or what it was like to live a summer with 2 proportionally hairy arms until I got myself the Chefs Edition long oven mitt. Thanks, Gourmet Pro!

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Chefs Edition!

Extra long oven mitt, durable heat resistance, superior protection.

100% Cotton

Designed in Canada (lots of hairy-armed Canadians I would imagine).

*sold as an individual oven mitt (but works on either hand strangely enough)