Checked or Checkered Apron by Kouchini


Is it checked, checkered, chequer or just check? Whatever your parlance, these aprons by Kouchini will up your apron (and board) game while you bake yourself a Battenburg cake standing on square tiling, serving a chess board… I mean cheese board. Check-mate.


Comes with a pocket on the front to catch food while you pretend you know how to cut your hummus-checkered toast.

Adjustable string tie on the back for easier fit. Do not recommend tying a knot or you will be living in your apron for a while….  Insert that scene from The 1993 Secret Garden when Maggie Smith who plays Mrs. Medlock finds out Archibald Craven is coming home and she panics cause her apron is tied in a knot and she needs to prepare the house staff for his arrival… yeah


100% Cotton

Made in Canada

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Black, Red