Bamboo Pillow


  • FILLING: 100% Polyurethane Foam, Cover: 15% Bamboo Fiber 85% Polyester Microfiber
  • CUSTOMIZE: Flexible and malleable to various sleeping positions for a good nights sleep.
  • CARE: Machine washable with hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant features.
  • SOFT: Soft feel and texture for a comfortable experience while resting or sleeping the night away to be ready and well rested for the next day.
  • WHY BAMBOO? Choosing bamboo is the best choice when choosing a pillow for its health benefits and comfort properties. Bamboo bedding is naturally breathable material due to its thin fibers and threads. Growing bamboo is all natural perfect for a healthy breathable environment and product to use. Bamboo products are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic along absorbing sweat, and is naturally temperature controlled.



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